Welcome to What Lies Ahead!

Hey all! Jamie and Noah here. Welcome to the launch of our blog!

If you’ve been keeping up with our TikTok and Instagram accounts, you already know some of our story. For anybody new, we’re so excited for you to take a look at our vanlife journey!

Vanlife had been a shared dream of ours for a few years – in college, we discovered vanlife and fell in love with all of the van-oriented Instagram accounts and websites we found, and we couldn’t stop scrolling through everyone’s van stories and build processes. In July of 2020, after months of searching through Craigslist, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace for the perfect van, we finally found a 2013 Nissan NV2500 with a high top roof. We brought her home August 23rd and immediately got to work!

Jamie was wrapping up college and Noah worked full-time on the other side of the state, so every weekend Noah drove out to work on the van at Jamie’s house. After five months of slow research and work, we were able to finally kick off our adventure in the middle of February 2021! Noah will be going through all of our pictures and videos to write blog posts for each segment of our van build. We want to give back to the vanlife community by helping aspiring vanlifers with their own builds by showing all of the behind-the-scenes on our own!

We’re also excited to share with you other peeks into our current lifestyle, including details on hikes and sightseeing spots we recommend, how we handle day-to-day necessities, and personal journal entries on other projects we may be involved in. We are both artists across multiple disciplines, so we always have something cooking on the side! Check out our About page for more info on the two of us.

See you later for more of our vanlife adventure!

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